Wolf Red

  • 23
    24th & 25th June
    Unity Theatre
    details will be given as soon as they are available

The wild woods have many paths, they twist, they turn,
Tracks of needles, tracks of thorns, made by girls who lost their way,
Take care my dear, not all paths lead to castles in the forest…..

By my teeth, the girl will truly taste the wolf ….


‘Razor-sharp and ever so chilling.
A dark and exhilarating journey of moods and ideas that harnesses physical theatre’s rich symbiosis of movement and acting to startling effect.’

Christopher Madden, Total Theatre

‘Randle’s transformations were remarkable, her energetic performance captivating from the very beginning …a visual treat…
Tmesis are without doubt among the greatest performers in Liverpool today, and Wolf Red raises the bar of their considerable standards once again.’

Vicky Anderson, Made up on Stage

‘Wolf Red has to be considered as one of the most remarkable one woman shows to ever grace The Unity Theatre…eerie, certainly creepy, and just on this side of exuding brilliance… a very incredible piece of theatrical art, simply breathtaking and one of the defining moments of physical theatre.’

Ian D. Hall, LS Media

‘Pushed and pulled the audience through a mesmerising, fascinating piece of physical theatre…a truly entertaining and engaging piece of theatre..haunting, beautiful, touching, disturbing and much more’

Luke Moores, Liverpool Live

‘Elinor Randle demonstrates boundless energy as she metamorphosises from childish but sexual young woman to hunchbacked old crone, twisting her body into shapes that would defy a Hollywood special effects expert.’

Laura Davis, Liverpool Daily Post