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Physical Articulation for Comedy - Thom Monckton workshopSAT 27 MAY 2017  11am – 5pm
Physical Articulation for Comedy – Thom Monckton | £45

The workshop involves body isolation, contemporary mime, mimicry, object manipulation, and contextual improvisations.

This introduction to physical theatre movement technique concentrates on the articulation of the body and interactions with each other and objects in context with movement and space to create clear non-text comical narratives and expressions.

Participants will learn how to isolate movements, use personal eccentricities to a comical advantage, and how to create and break rhythm in order to create laughter.

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Peta Lily - Get Smart, Get Stupid: Red Nose Clown workshop
SUN 28th MAY 2017 11am-6pm
Peta Lily – Get Smart, Get Stupid: Red Nose Clown workshop | £45

Enter the playful ‘Clown state’, learn physical skills and work with the magic Rule of Three. Learn comedy craft, build your confidence and find out what to do when things go wrong. Peta Lily brings the experience of many years working as a performer, devisor, director and teacher of clown, comedy, commedia, movement, mime skills and physical theatre.

Award winning Peta Lily brings the experience of many years of working internationally as a performer, devisor, director and teacher of clown, comedy, commedia, movement, mime skills and physical theatre, she demystifies the rules of comedy and helps people stretch their emotional range.

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Levantes workshopSUN 28th MAY 2017 6.30-8.30pm
Levantes Dance Theatre | £10 (or free if you book Peta Lilly’s workshop)

In this workshop we will explore fun and creative duet material, concentrating on trust, weight bearing and playfulness. Levantes create bold, innovative work that tells human stories with flare and gusto. Its trademark visuals and stylistic choreography ensures a thrilling collision of physical theatre, dance and circus performance they are Associate Artists at Greenwich Dance.

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Out of Body Out of Mind - Sean KemptonMON 29th MAY 2017 10am-5pm 

Out of Body Out of Mind – Sean Kempton | £45

Drawing from Physical theatre, dance and clown we will look at Unlocking the bodies potential to play, be free and to bypass our sometimes-overthinking brain. Breaking body habits to enable the performer to make stronger, braver choices and to be more precise and connected in their work.

The sessions will be fun, physical and accessible to anyone who enjoys movement in all its forms.

Sean has been working in physical theatre, circus and as a Contemporary clown for over 20 years. He tours regularly with Cirque Du Soleil and is an associate teacher for NCCA.

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Writing with a Stupid Face - John WrightTUE 30th & WED 31st MAY 2017 10am-5pm

Writing with a Stupid Face – John Wright | £80

This is a devising workshop and not a workshop on making masked-theatre. You’ll be using masks to change what you do and how you think. You’ll learn ways of making scenarios that will twist and change an original idea in order to find something entirely different.

John Wright is an award winning international teacher, a specialist in using masks, a founder member of the acclaimed theatre companies, Trestle and Told by an Idiot and author of the acclaimed ‘Why is That So Funny?’

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Animikii TheatreWED 31st MAY 2017 6.30-8.30pm 

Animikii Theatre | £10 (or free if you book John Wright workshop)

Participants will be given the time to become active researchers of a deeper study into the actor’s craft that includes ‘Adaptive & Precision’ based training, and how we can evolve our individual practice into a larger ensemble, engineering great change and opening new transformative possibilities on stage.

Animikii Theatre, ran by Adam Davies & Henry McGrath, are a training based physical theatre company that fuses physical theatre with combat, dance, sound, and rhythm.

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Jo BlowersTHU 1st JUNE 2017 9am-12pm

Jo Blowers | £10

Jo is an international movement/dance theatre artist in residence at the Bluecoat as part of  the INHABIT project funded by Esme Fairbairn.

We will be tuning performance skills by heightening kinaesthetic awareness, creating character through the body, exploring states of play, ensemble skills, levels of tension, energy and address in order to strengthen expressivity and relationship with an audience.

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Movement as the starting point - Vini CarvalhoFRI 2nd – SAT 3rd JUNE 2017 10am–5pm 
Movement as the starting point – Vini Carvalho (Fool’s Cap Theatre) | £80

This workshop explores movement as the starting point for devising. Departing from a set of specific physical exercises (based on corporeal mime), participants will (re)discover the capability of the body in expressing meaning… beyond words. We will play at the intersection between mime, theatre and dance.

Vini Carvalho works internationally as a performer and movement researcher. Teaching credits include East 15 Acting School and The Drama School Mumbai. He is Director of Fool’s Cap Theatre.

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