Following Monday’s tragic events in Manchester, Williamson Square has become a site of remembrance, with people continuing to lay flowers and write messages of love and support in chalk. A book of remembrance will be set-up in the square soon.

After much reflection, we feel it is inappropriate to hold Street Theatre Day in Williamson Square as originally planned.

All Street Theatre Day performances will now be relocated a short walk away on Church Street and Lord Street.

We’ll be based outside Carphone Warehouse on the day (see red dot on the map) but performances will be happening on the entire street.

Thanks for your understanding – we look forward to seeing you for some fantastic outdoor performances on Bank Holiday Monday.










‘theatrical close up magic’ British Theatre Guide
‘This performance warmed every corner of my soul – THANK YOU!’ audience member
The Band

For THE BAND, Levantes Dance Theatre’s joint artistic director Eleni Edipidi collaborates for the first time on a full-scale touring production with charismatic performer Nathan Johnston. Each brings their own unique physicality to a captivating performance that sets original choreography, theatre, circus and the company’s bold visual style to a rousing soundtrack.  The vibrant multi-disciplinary work brings together new and long-term collaborators including Tina Koch, joint artistic director of Ockham’s Razor, and multimedia artist Gopan Iyadurai.

With the support of Tina, we found a new counterweight system apparatus combining harness work and aerial hoop. We devised some interesting movement vocabulary which can only work because of our specific weights. There is a sense of illusion of the body flying and doing ‘unbeleivable’ things defying gravity. We had the chance to explore a novel apparatus and therefore create novel movement material. 

We are so happy to share our work with the Liverpool audience at Physical Fest. I feel it’s is such a warm and open audience as my experience performing with Tmesis in Liverpool is amazing!

I have been working with Tmesis theatre for 3 years, under the direction of Eli Randle and been part of 3 shows: ‘Variations of the Heart’, ‘That’s Amore’ and ‘Happy Hour’.

Eli is a director who brought out of me physicality that I was unaware I could possibly achieve. Working with emotion, feeling and intention is the ultimate purpose of movement. It is pure. She makes the performers arrive in a specific state in order to act/ interact and this is something I am so interested in both as a performer and choreographer. Pure human interactions and relationships on stage. Humour and trust is something Eli has given me the confidence in as a performer. I was surprised  when I heard an audience member calling me ‘an actress’. Having such a multidisciplinary cast  and working collaboratively together we support each others abilities and talents to create work that is accessible, emotional and funny.

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